How To Check NECO Result Using Your Phone 2023

This Article Contains Complete Information On How To Check NECO Result With Your Phone Online Via NECO Result Portal.

Excited to see how you did on your NECO examination? I totally get it. 

Well, you are in the right place to learn about everything you need to know about accessing your results. The National Examination Council (NECO) is among the major examination bodies in Nigeria responsible for conducting the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE).


 While the results haven’t yet been officially released to the public by NECO, I’m sure you are eager to access your results –  You deserve to know how you performed after all the hard work and preparation. In this blog post, I will guide you through different ways on how to check your NECO results. So, please read on. 

How To Check NECO Result Online 

Checking your NECO results can be effortless if you follow the steps below;

Step 1: Get your NECO results checking token

Before you can proceed to check your performance in the 2023 NECO result online, it’s a prerequisite that you have a NECO Result Checking Token. The token will serve as your personal passcode to access your results online. To obtain a NECO Result Checking Token, you should visit the NECO portal or any other authorized online dealer. Meanwhile, you will be required to provide your exam registration number alongside a fee to access the token.

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Step 2: Go to the NECO result-checking website 

After you have gotten the Result Checking Token, you should visit the NECO result checking website through the link


Step 3: Add in the required details

When you visit the website, you will be required to fill in some necessary details. These details include “examination year”, “examination type”, Registration Number “, and “Token.”

Step 4: Select the “Examination type” you wrote

From the drop-down list, you should find the examination type relevant to you. For example, if you wrote the Neco examination with the high school you graduated from, you are to click on “NECO internal” exams. 

Step 5: Choose the exam year 

Next, you should choose the year you took the NECO examination. You are allowed to choose from 2000 to the present year. And in this context, your appropriate exam year is 2023.

Step 6; Input your Result Checking Token and Exam Registration Number 

In this step, you are required to input your Result Checking Token and Exam Registration Number in the spaces provided. You should double-check to ensure you entered the correct details, including your examination number and year. 

Step 7; Click on “Check Result”

After ensuring all details you provided are correct, your next step is to click on the “Check Result” command tap to access your NECO results. Your results would pop up on your screen if you entered the correct details. You can decide to save it to your phone or print it out for future use.

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How To Check NECO Result With Your Phone 

If you don’t have an Internet connection or live where cyber cafes are not available, then you may want to opt for checking your NECO results using your phone. Below is a guide to help you,

  1. On your mobile phone, go to the SMS messaging app. 
  2. Tap on “Create a new SMS message”
  3. Then, you should type the information below in the space provided; NECO*Examination number*Token*Exam year e.g. NECO*50520101221*123456789021*2023.
  4. Send the SMS to the official NECO short code 32327
  5. You should wait for a few minutes for a response from NECO. If you send the right message, you will receive an SMS from NECO with your result.

NOTE: The cost of the SMS is N30. Therefore, you should ensure you have enough airtime to deliver the message.

Also, you should follow the format I outlined above. And, ensure that you don’t leave space in between the message. 

How To Check Neco Result Without Scratch Card 

You cannot check your NECO result without having a scratch card or Token code. As I mentioned earlier, it’s an important prerequisite that allows you to access your results. Therefore, the reliable and legal way to access your NECO results is by using a scratch card or token.

NECO Result Release Date 

I understand how eager you might be to see how you performed in the concluded NECO examination. However, as of today, the 2023 NECO examination results have not been released to the public. The 2023 NECO examination was written from Monday 3rd July to August 4, 2023. And as with the normal tradition, the results are released 45 to 90 days after the examination. Therefore, you should stay tuned to the official NECO website or better still, turn on notifications for this blog for more NECO updates.

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How To Buy NECO Result Token

Here’s how you can buy the NECO result token;

  • First, you should visit the NECO official website via or a verified website such as that sells NECO Result Token.
  • You should tap on “NECO Result Token”.
  • Click on “Quantity” and select “Buy Now.”
  • Input your full name and fill in the necessary details. 
  • You should make a payment to complete your transaction. 
  • That’s it, your NECO Token Pin will be delivered to you.

What Should I Do If I Encounter Problems Accessing My Results Online?

It’s okay to encounter problems when trying to access your NECO results. You don’t have to worry, it’s usually something you can easily fix. You should double-check your examination number and scratch card details. If you still have issues, you should contact NECO’s support via their helpline or email. 


  • Can I check my NECO result on my phone?

Yes, you can use your phone to access your NECO results. Simply visit the NECO website using the link

  • How much is the NECO result checker?

You are to purchase the NECO result checker for N1200.

  • What is your NECO examination number?

Your NECO examination number contains eight numbers and two alphabets in capital letters. Below is an example; 50614564BC

Final Words 

Checking your NECO results can be hassle-free if you follow the right steps. Above are different options on how to check your NECO results. You can decide to check it using your mobile phone or online. Whatever method you choose, ensure to use your correct examination number and token number. This will allow you to effortlessly access your NECO results when the results are out with ease.


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