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List Of Updated GoTV Jolli Channels 2023

Get List of Updated GoTV Jolli channels! Enjoy cartoons, movies, and shows. Get entertained with GoTV Jolli today

Are you planning to acquire the GoTv satellite television service provider? Or are you a Gotv user planning to change your subscription plan to another? Then you are reading the right article. GoTV, a popular choice for television entertainment, offers a wide range of subscription options to cater to diverse needs and budgets. One of its most enticing options, which you have probably heard of is the Gotv Jolli package which contains a variety of channels. Gotv Jolli Channels range from entertainment, News, sports, etc. 


In this blog post, you will discover a list of GOtv Jolli Channels. I will also help you understand what the package is about. What it has to offer, its pricing, installation details, and more. So, read on.

What’s the GoTv Jolli Package?

Before we proceed to GoTV Jolli Channels, let’s begin by understanding what exactly is the GoTV Jolli package. Gotv is a satellite television service provider that has gained strong relevance in the industry due to its affordability and diverse channels. The GoTV Jolli package is one of the subscription plans designed to bring a variety of exciting content to your screen. It contains diverse channels that are aimed at educating, entertaining, and informing the whole family. In the subsequent section, you will discover the GoTV Jolli Channels. 

GoTV Jolli Channels

GoTV Jolli Channels


GoTV Jolli Channels 

Below is a list of channels under the GoTV Jolli package. This will help you get an idea of what to expect or look out for within the package. Below is a sneak peek into some of the different categories and channels you can enjoy: 

Entertainment Channels

The Gotv Jolli package brings you a mix of entertainment channels like Telemundo, Africa Magic Epic, ROK 2, etc. These channels offer a blend of drama series, movies, and reality shows to keep you entertained. Here is a list of the entertainment channels on the Gotv Jolli package:

  1. Telemundo (Channel 14)
  2.  Africa Magic Epic
  3.  ROK 2 (Channel 17)
  4. Eva+
  5. Zee World (Channel 25)
  6. Televista (Channel 15)
  7. Trybe TV (Channel 97) 
  8. TVC Entertainment  (Channel 27)
  9. E! Entertainment  (Channel 26)
  10. Discovery Family (Channel 50)
  11. Kix
  12. CBS Reality (Channel 22)
  13. Cartoon Network 
  14. Nickelodeon (Channel 62)
  15. Disney Junior 
  16. Da Vinci Kids (Channel 60)
  17. Boomerang 
  18. Africa Magic Igbo (Channel 11)
  19. Africa Magic Yoruba (Channel 5)
  20. Africa Magic Hausa (Channel 4)
  21. Africa Magic Family (Channel 2).
  22. Big Brother Naija (channel 29)
  23. WWE (Channel 36)
  24. Rok GH (Channel 18)

Sports Channels

If you are a sports enthusiast, then you will appreciate channels like ESPN, SuperSport Blitz, SuperSport Select 2, and others included in the GoTV Jolli package. You can get to catch live matches, highlights, and in-depth analysis of your favorite sports. So, the sports channels include:

  1. SS Football (Channel 31)
  2. SS Select 2 (Channel 34)
  3. SS Blitz (Channel 30)

News Channels

You can also stay updated with national and international events through channels like CNN, Aljazeera, and BBC World News. The package ensures you never miss a headline. Below is a list of news channels under the GoTV Jolli package:

  1. CNN (Channel 42)
  2.  Aljazeera (Channel 40)
  3. BBC World News (Channel 41)
  4. AIT 
  5. NTA 1 
  6. NTA 2 
  7. CNBC Africa 
  8. France 24 
  9. Bloomberg TV Africa 
  10. Channels Television (Channel 48)
  11. TVC News (Channel 45)
  12. Arise News (Channel 44)
  13. NTA parliament (Channel 115)
  14. NTA 24, and more.

Documentary Channels 

The package also allows you to explore lifestyle and documentary content on channels such as E! Spice TV Entertainment Television, etc. Below is a list of the documentary channels under the GoTV Jolli package:

  1. Nat Geo Wild (Channel 51)
  2. Spice TV (Channel 10)
  3. E! Entertainment (Channel 26), etc 

Religious Channels 

  1. Islam Channel (Channel 81)
  2. Faith (Channel 80)
  3. Emmanuel TV (Channel 82)
  4. Dove TV (Channel 83)

Music Channels 

GoTV Jolli Channels comes with some amazing music channels that play some of the latest music. If you are a music enthusiast, then you would definitely find these channels entertaining. These include:

  1. Hip TV (Channel 74)
  2. MTV Base (Channel 72)
  3. Sound City (Channel 75)

 Pricing Of the GoTV Jolli package 

The affordability of the GoTV Jolli package is one of its standout features. Priced competitively, it offers you excellent value for your entertainment needs. The subscription costs may vary by region, so it’s a good idea to check GoTV’s official website or contact their customer support for the most accurate pricing information. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is there a way to pay for my GoTV subscription online?

Yes, GoTV allows you to pay for your subscription online. 

  • What do I do if I experience signal issues?

If you experience signal issues, you should contact GoTV’s customer support and they will assist you in troubleshooting the problem. 

Sum Up

The GoTV Jolli package is an exciting subscription plan that comprises diverse amazing channels. These channels range from entertainment, News, documentaries, sports, kids channels, etc – the plan is an all-rounder with a channel for everyone. Above is a list of channels offered under the Gotv Jolli package. Ensure to check them out before subscribing to the plan.


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