Most important steps for building website part one (1)

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Today we are going to discuss about the most important steps for building your website. We decided to talk about this issue because some people want to build their own website or has already build the website but skip these important tips.If you are interested in building your website here is a guide to you.Building your first website is an exciting process, but it’s not without challenges. Ensuring your domain and CMS are the right fit for your business requires careful consideration and planning, whilst SEO optimisation can become a technical rabbit hole of keyword tweaking. However, these top steps provide a good grounding for first time website builders to make a simply approaching a prospective developer with confidence.The steps are:

1. Mobile-friendly.

Make sure the website is mobile-friendly man typing on smartphone, Most web developers offer sites that automatically adjust to different devices. Half of all web traffic comes from mobile users, and Google favours mobile-optimised sites. To attract a largest audience, it is essential for your website to appear well on a mobile device. Most web design services will include a responsive web design which can accommodate all devices including TVs and tablets.

2. Attractive Homepage

Make your homepage informative and attractive IT Pro's homepage. The IT Pro homepage keeps information to a minimum, only showing users the top stories and latest updates,Your homepage should
immediately communicate your selling point. In a world of decreasing attention spans and immense quantities of online content, getting to the point is vital. Users will naturally scan your site for the information most relevant to them, and an overcrowded site can frustrate this process.
Reducing the amount of text and employing more white space will stop content from overwhelming users, while large headings will help them find the information most relevant to them. And if you are utilising calls to action requests for the user to do something, such as a “click for more” button make sure they are obvious, and don’t add more than four.

3. Keyword

Choose some keywords screenshot of Google search for the word "art" Keywords common terms and phrases that users enter into search engines are perhaps the most important aspect of SEO. Including them in your site’s content gives you a better chance of drawing internet traffic.

4. Menu

Make menus easy to navigateIT Pro's homepage with dropdown menu selectedMaking dropdowns simple, and decluttering main toolbars is advised.A good rule of thumb is to have no more than five drop-down menu at the top of your homepage, If you need more page links on your site, consider placing options like “About”, “Contact us”, in the footer menu to make space further up.

5. Content management System

Use a respected content management system WordPress's website, A CMS is a digital platform that allows you to manage, modify content or create content for your site without the need for technical knowledge. It handles the “back-end” code, so you can focus on the visible side of things.The most popular CMS is WordPress. Most developers know WordPress well, so finding a freelancer or agency to help build you a site within its ecosystem is straightforward.

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