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Our lesson today is about spices

In this write up you will get to know some detail about your spices and also know how to use it.
Another thing that you need to know is that you don’t need to add much of the spice in your cooking, just adding a small amount of it is OK and know a kind of spice that go well with the type of food you are cooking.
Here are some of the spices and where you can use it.

  • 7 spices:- This is the combination of spices that taste really nice in brown rice, fried spaghetti and some soups.
  • Cardamom:- Cardamon spices are Indian cuisine, it has a good aroma when mixed with clove or cinnamon and you can add it to baked goods.
  • Meat Tenderizer:- Is a spice that is added to hard meat a minute before placing the pot on the gas cooker, I it help to make the meat cooked in easiest and fastest way.
  • Cumin:- This type of spices look like rice, it is added when making a home made spice, spice blend and stews.
  • Mint leaves:- Mint leaves some people use to make a good tea with it especially when added a small amount of honey, and it can be added to your drinks recipe like tamarind juice, mango drinks, milk shakes and the rest, it has a very nice test and good aroma.
  • Spinach :- Spinach look like vegetables, it is usually added to egusi soup, vegetable soup, spinach Is added at the end of the cooking to make it smell good.
  • Basil:- Basil is a very good leaves in a pasta recipes and it can be added in sandwich, Burger King and the rest.
  • Corriander or Cillaanto:- It is normally called cilantro and coriander leaves, they only differs in their names, it looks like parsley leaves but it is lighter than parsley and it is added to meat recipes, fish and vegetables.
  • Parsley:- It is a green leaves that is good for cooking delicious meal, it is aroma is really nice, it is usually added in minced meat or baked food and also in pasta recipes and Irish recipes.
  • Chives:- It is added to Irish recipes, you can also dry it and fry egg with it.
  • Cloves:- cloves are good spice for cooking, for getting rid of fish and meat bad smell, 3 to 4 pieces of clove is added to the meat or fish before cooking, it can also be added in Pepper soup and so on.
  • Ginger:- Ginger is of two types, the fresh ginger and dried ginger, fresh ginger taste good more than the dried one, ginger can be added in any kind of put, even a Pap.
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