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Get ready for your Jamb exam with Jamb Past Questions – the best practice for success! Find past papers & ace your test

Preparing for the UTME examination can be a struggle. As an essential prerequisite for gaining admission into universities in the country, you naturally would want to Ace the examination. To get a good score in Jamb, it’s important that you prepare well. You should study the recommended textbooks, form study groups, and even check out past questions. 

Jamb past questions are a great way for you to get familiarised with the UTME questions pattern. You get to learn about the exam body’s question pattern and plan on how to answer them. Also, some of the questions might be repeated. In this blog post, you will discover all about jamb past questions and whether or not they are relevant. So, read on.

Does Jamb Repeat Past Questions?

Yes, jamb does repeat past questions. Every year, they repeat about 25% of the questions from the previous years. Jamb doesn’t have a lot of new questions, thus they repeat questions from past examinations. However, they do this in a smart and tricky way. They don’t repeat the exact same questions from the previous years but repeat the same concepts and topics. 


That’s why, when studying jamb past questions, you should endeavor to learn the trends and patterns used by jamb to set questions. Meanwhile, you should note that Jamb also includes new questions on the exam every year. This is why it’s important that you practice a variety of questions to ensure that you are prepared for anything. 

Where To Find Jamb Past Questions

Are you wondering where to find past questions? Here are some resources where you can find jamb past questions:

  • The Jamb website 

On the Jamb website, you should navigate to the section that allows you to download past question papers. On that page, you can find JAMB past questions of the previous years that you can download for your studying. 

  • Other websites 

There are tons of other websites that offer you free and paid JAMB past questions. You can use those websites to find PAST JAMB questions that might be helpful to you. Some of the popular websites include:

  1. MySchool
  2. ExamEdge
  3. Jambite, etc
  • Books 

There are also some books that contain JAMB past questions. You can purchase these books from bookshops or even online stores. 


Tips To Help You Study Jamb Past Questions 

  • Begin by identifying the topics frequently covered 

To study Jamb’s past questions, you should start by knowing the topics that are covered frequently. You can do this by going over the past question papers and counting the number of questions that are asked on each topic. After you have identified the most frequently covered topics, you can focus your studies on those areas. 

  • Use a variety of resources to study

While studying the past questions, you shouldn’t neglect the new questions. Even though JAMB repeats some questions from the previous years, they also include new questions on the exam every year.  Therefore, in addition to the JAMB past questions, you should also use textbooks, other study guides, and online resources. This will help you achieve a well-rounded preparation for anything. 

  • Don’t memorize the answers 

It’s important that you understand the concepts behind the questions so that you can answer similar questions correctly, even if they are worded differently. You should pay attention to the topics that are covered most frequently. As I mentioned earlier, this will give you a good idea of which topics you need to focus more on.

  • Start studying early 

You should not wait until the last minute before you begin preparing for the JAMB examination. You should give yourself enough time to review the material and practice. You can also create a study schedule, that can help you decide on how much time you want to spend studying each day. 

  • Incorporate a highlighter into your studying

When studying past questions or even new materials, you are likely going to come across some important questions or information. If you want to quickly find it next time when reviewing, then you should use a highlighter to mark it. This helped a lot of students when studying for any examination. 

  • Create flashcards for tough concepts 

When studying for your UTME exams, you are likely going to encounter tough concepts. Some information might seem difficult and you may have a hard time memorising them easily. To tackle this, simply create flashcards for those difficult concepts. That way you get to remember those concepts whenever you look at your study table. 

  • Join a study group or online forum

As a student waiting to write your UTME examination, there are other students in your shoes. To have an easier time studying for the examination, you can decide to create a study group with your Pals or join an existing one. This group could even be online for convenience. It is a great way to discuss the material with other students and get help with difficult concepts. 

  • Take practice tests 

Once you have studied a material, you should take practice tests to time yourself and see how well you are doing. This will also help you to get used to the UTME and to improve your time management skills. 

  • Analyze your performance 

After taking a practice test, you should review your answers and identify any areas where you need to improve and focus your studies on those areas. Therefore, every time you take practice tests, be sure to analyze your performance – You will notice an improvement for each practice test you take.

Finally, you should note that to pass your UTME examination successfully, you need to be consistent with your studies. It’s important that you cover up all the necessary textbooks, past questions, and materials so you can be fully prepared. That’s why, you should start studying early and give yourself plenty of time to review the materials given or recommended. 

Final Words 

Jamb does repeat past questions, especially because they don’t have a lot of newer questions. However, it’s important that you also study all the recommended textbooks and materials alongside the past questions. That way, you will have a well-rounded preparation for the examination. Using JAMB past questions is a great way to prepare for the UTME. By following the tips I mentioned above, you can get the most out of these valuable resources. 


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