How to track android phone location with Google Map

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for so maNY reasons people want to know how to track an android phone but a lot didn’t know.

For You to track an android phone location you can use goggle Map and follow these steps

How To track android phone location using google Map

Google Maps

A popular online navigation tool that serves as a tracker and also helps people find their way around is Google Maps. This software is fantastic, especially while riding a bike or car. This application has many built-in features that make it simple for users to discover new locations. The fact that this program is free to download is its main advantage.

Google Maps To track a phone location using Google Maps, follow these First, add your Gmail account to the Google contacts on the target phone. Then launch the app on their phone and log in.

In the top right corner, select Google profile.

Choose “new share” and “location sharing.” Choose “Until you turn this off” as the sharing duration.


nclude yourself as an option. After clicking “Share,” you are done.

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