How to hide photos using Google photos in your android phones

Hello and welcome to our site. Today we are going to discuss about how you can hide photos in your android phones.

The reason for hiding the photos is that: there may be some photos that you don’t want others to see, instead of your not to keep it you can hide it in your phones without anybody’s knowing. For you to hide your photos in your android phone this is what you will do. On all Android devices, Google Photos is the installed app by default. The “Locked Folder” is a useful add-on for the application. Open Google Photos on your phone, choose the Library option at the bottom, select Utilities from the menu, look for the Set locked folder recommendation, and then select Get Started. As a result, you can access the folder using your preferred authentication method (PIN, password, or fingerprint). It’s time to add media files to the folder after you’ve configured it.

Method of adding files to restricted folder

There are two methods for adding files to the restricted folder as well. The media library or the settings for each file both offer the option of adding them. Using the first technique: Long-press an image to pick the desired media files.Move to the locked folder from the top menu, then select “Confirm” from the pop-up menu. Instead, you may simply click on the media file, scroll up to pick “additional details,” and then select the “Move to locked folder” option if all you want to do is hide a single picture or movie.

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