Five (5) ways of making money online using social media

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Today we are going to discuss five ways you can earn money on social media.

Almost everybody use social media now, but many people doesn’t know that they can earn money through social media.

Social media

If you are a social media regular and you are wondering how to make money online, the solution is right there in front of you. Beyond posting, commenting and having fun on social media, do you also know you can make money from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and the rest. While it is possible to make money directly on platform like Facebook through the Facebook Audience Network, it is also possible for you to make money from all social media through a carefully planned strategy. For you to make money from social media. You need to have a strategy. It requires commitment and consistency. People are making good money from social media.

There are two things you need, you need to build good follower-ship on social media and you need to be active in groups (pages) that relates to your area of interest you need to pick a niche that you will focus on your social media and join groups and pages that relates to that niche. It could be fashion, gaming, cars and anything at all. But have a primary topic so people know you for this and brand can approach you directly, you never know. Next step will involve deciding how you want to proceed to make money from social media accounts. There are many options for you.To earn money on social media here are five simple ways

1. Short-links

This one of the most dependable ways to make money on social media especially of you have many followers. This method is pretty easy. All you need to do is look for a link or story you want to share on your social media, go to one of the URL shorteners, put this link there and shorten it. Then copy the shorten link and share on social media. As people click on the link you make money. Let me explain, let’s say you see a news story on CNN website you want to share or a good fashion product or a link to breaking news, it could be anything , just go to the url shortener website, shorten the link, copy the shorten one and share. When people click to see the news or whatever you are sharing, you make money. Those news you read from social media, people are probably making money from it, You have to register with the companies that provides these services. Here are the best picks and you can click on them to go register and make money from social media: Ouo, LinkShrink, Adf, Shortest.

2. Affiliate Marketing

You can post products or services of companies that relates to your niche on your social media profiles and get paid each time someone makes a purchase through your link. If you are looking at how to make money online in a big way, this one has that potential depending on what product or services you promote. Some offer big commissions. You can find those companies easily via Affiliate networks like, and more

3. Sell your product

You can choose to sell your own products if you have any. Market them on social media pages. If you do not have products, you can create an online shop, copy products from big suppliers and put in your online shop. Then post these products on your social media, whenever anyone orders, the supplier will ship to the buyer and you get paid.

4. Partner with brands

You can always approach brands for sponsorship or to place direct ads on your social media pages. Websites like Tapinfluence will give you opportunity to partner with brands.Sell your social media accounts: You can decide to sell your social media accounts and make money. People do this a lot. Website like Viral Accounts will help you sell your accounts.Certainly this one is for you if you are looking at how to make money online with your social media accounts.

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