Five (5) simple ways of taking screenshot with your phone

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Almost every body has android phone but a lot of people doesn’t know how take screenshot with their phones.In our today’s article we are going to discuss about that.

What is screenshot?

A screenshot also known as screen capture or screen grab is a digital image that shows the contents of a computer display.Or an image of the data displayed on the screen of a mobile device.The simplest way you can take screenshot with your android phones are:-

1. Taking Screenshot With Your Voice

Google Assistant taking an image.You don’t have to touch the screen or press any buttons to take a screenshot if you don’t want to. Google Assistant has the ability to take screenshots on Android devices. All you need to do is say the command:“Hey Google, take a screenshot.”The screenshot will be captured, and you’ll immediately see the options to share, edit, or delete the screenshot.

2. Tap the Back of the Phone to Take a Screenshot

On Pixel devices, you can do this from Settings to System > Gestures > Quick Tap. Other devices can download an app called “Tap.Tap” to perform the same function. It’s a pretty nifty shortcut for screenshots.Taking a screenshot may be a simple function, but there’s more than one way to do it, and what you do after you take the screenshot is just as important.

3. Draw on Top of Screenshots Draw on images.

One reason why you might be taking a screenshot is to highlight something on the screen. Being able to draw on the screenshot makes it a lot easier to do that. Thankfully, it’s very easy to edit screenshots on Android devices.After you take a screenshot, you’ll see a few options in the thumbnail preview that appears in the bottom corner. Look for a pencil icon to take you to some editing tools. Here you’ll see pens, markers, and highlighters for drawing.

4. Take Scrolling Screenshots

Next, tap “Capture More” from the image preview menu.What if you want to take a screenshot of more than what appears on the screen, A “scrolling” screenshot can capture long screenshots, such as a full webpage.The process for doing this is straightforward. You’ll take a screenshot with one of the regular methods, then select the scrolling screenshot icon on the thumbnail preview. From there, you’ll either be able to scroll more to capture more, or be presented with a crop-able version of the full page.

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