Many ways to make money in crypto exist, such as ARBITRAGE trading, spot, futures, etc. Mining cryptocurrencies is another way to make it big in the crypto space, especially for early participants.

If you missed the Pi Network, Catstar, Seidd, Satoshi, Aloshi, HBC, Punkpanda, etc., check out DBMETA. You have absolutely nothing to lose; it costs you nothing. DBmeta mining is free and only requires; a smartphone, internet connection, and logging in every 4 hours.


Use This Link To Download DBMETA Mining App From Playstore:-

DBMETA is among the first Metaverse blockchains to issue free coins through mining. It has established cooperation with 3 Fortune 500 companies. You can shop, play games, and watch ads on the DBMETS platform to earn tokens.


Also, you can use DBM to buy anything you want on their ecommerce platform. You can earn more DBM tokens for free by inviting others to join.

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Guide On How To Register On Dbmeta

Click the link above to download the DBMETA app, commence registration and start mining DBMETA immediately.


You can also Download DBMETA app from Google play store and start mining DBMETA.

Make sure you use 352934 as invitation code when you are registering.

Step By Step Guide On How To Claim Your Free $18 Worth Of Free 30,000 DBMETA Token

  1. Download DEMETA App from Google play store
  2. Click open
  3. Sign up
  4. Input your email address
  5. Open your email inbox to copy the OTP sent to you by DBMETA
  6. Input password and confirm it
  7. Use this code 352934 as invitation code (This will give you 30000 DBM Instantly and enable you mine DBM faster)


Enter the DBMETA app for mining every 4 hours. You need to click on the D icons and hashtag. When you touch the “D” icon, it changes color from purple to green.

What Is DBMETA Price?

The price of DBM as at the time of writing this article is 0.000625


What Is DBMETA Ecosystem(DBM)?

DBMETA is a blockchain project launched by the DB Corporation of Singapore. DBMETA is a comprehensive blockchain-based solution for e-commerce, finance, gaming, social networking, and other businesses. Its goal is to build a global ecological metaverse application system through blockchain and distributed ledger technology that breaks down the barriers of the industry’s marketing model and enables everyone to become an entrepreneur and realize the value of life.

DBMETA Listing

When active members/users get up to 10M DBM, DBM will be listed; unlike other projects that have to get to 50 million, DBM is on the low side, so that’s something to look forward to. With members increasing daily, DBM will soon be listed on some exchanges.



Yes, DBMETA is real. It is a project of the METAVERSE ecosystem that provides comprehensive business solutions for the e-commerce, advertising, gaming, and finance industries based on blockchain.

Its goal is to revitalize traditional industries through blockchain technology, reap the benefits of deeper integration of real and virtual economies, break down the barriers of traditional marketing models, and ultimately build a globalized METAVERSE ecosystem in an applied framework.

What Is Dbmeta

DBMETA is a project within the METAVERSE ecosystem that seeks to offer comprehensive solutions for various industries such as e-commerce, advertising, gaming, and finance that are based on Blockchain technology.

The project’s goal is to revitalize traditional industries by leveraging the integration of real and virtual economies through blockchain technology. Additionally, it aims to overcome the limitations of traditional marketing models and ultimately create a globalized METAVERSE ecosystem with a practical framework.

Dbmeta Mining Apk

This application is a metaverse mining platform that encompasses various features such as e-commerce, advertising, games, and more. It is associated with Singapore DB Company.


DBMETA, is a metaverse ecosystem project based on blockchain technology.

It will combine real and virtual economies and empower traditional industries with DBM.

The first stage of the DBMETA ecosystem is to build up its online ecosystem – the DBMETA app has , – , , , and so on.

The idea of this online ecosystem is “ ” which encompasses – , , , , , etc.

A digital wallet and exchange platform/interface will be built when the DBMETA ecosystem is stable and secured by a certain user base.

NFT, GAMEFI, DEFI, and SOCIALFI will also be built in the decentralized ecosystem. There is so much in the pipeline waiting to be unleashed by DMETA, and I want to encourage you to get onboard now before it reaches millions of people across the planet.


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