DBMETA Airdrop – How To Participate



DBMETA Airdrop : Here is how to use the DBMETA mining app to mine  DBM DBMETA, a metaverse ecosystem project based on blockchain technology.

It will combine real and virtual economies and empower traditional industries with DBM.

The first stage of the DBMETA ecosystem is to build up its online ecosystem – the DBMETA app has , – , , , and so on.


The idea of this online ecosystem is “ ” which encompasses – , , , , , etc.

A digital wallet and exchange platform/interface will be built when the DBMETA ecosystem is stable and secured by a certain user base.

NFT, GAMEFI, DEFI, and SOCIALFI will also be built in the decentralized ecosystem. There is so much in the pipeline waiting to be unleashed by DMETA, and I want to encourage you to get onboard now before it reaches millions of people across the planet.

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How To Participate

Download the DBMETA app for Android from, the DBMETA app for iOS is under development.


DBMETA Airdrop

The DBM team will host a giveaway that will last two weeks, but this time you need to join this Telegram group to participate

See You in Riches!


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How DBMETA Works

How DBMETA Works

DOGGABYTE Singapore (DB) newly launched its METAVERSE project, which took three years to plan and make. As a global leader in the blockchain distributed storage industry, DB provides stable, secure, innovative technology products and services for big data computing, storage, and applications in the METAVERSE era.

As the most extensively known storage entity, DB’s determination and confidence in building and guiding the METAVERSE ecosystem are strong.

DBMETA is a project of the METAVERSE ecosystem that provides comprehensive business solutions for the e-commerce, advertising, gaming and finance industries based on blockchain.

Its goal is to revitalize traditional industries through blockchain technology, reap the benefits of deeper integration of real and virtual economies, break down the barriers of traditional marketing models, and ultimately build a globalized METAVERSE ecosystem in an applied framework.

DBMETA Will Redesign Business Models For Traditional Industries

DBMETA combines e-commerce with blockchain to reshape the business models of traditional industries. In the future, DBMETA will push industries such as gaming, advertising, real estate, social and finance to restructure their business models accordingly; then reach the global METAVERSE ecosystem.

DBMETA to Create the global decentralised organisation DBMETA DAO

DBMETA DAO, as the DBMETA METAVERSE community, is dedicated to building a global, decentralized and autonomous community with a strong consensus of the virtual economy. Everyone has equal rights to govern DBMETA DAO.

Blockchain technology allows anyone to vote directly to govern the community and further develop the ecosystem. The smart contract is used in operations to ensure the decision-making process is fair, open and tamper-proof. This will also ensure that everyone participates in the effective construction of DBMETA.

DBMETA Will Restructure Business Models for Blockchain Industry

DBMETA has developed its e-commerce system to integrate real and virtual economies to address the status quo and vulnerabilities of the blockchain industry. In the future, it will also set up a system of advertising, NFTs and other applied scenarios to support the virtual economy through its strong real economy

Dbmeta Price Prediction

It is unattainable to forecast how much the DBMETA ecosystem will be worth. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and can be affected by various factors, including US dollar policy, government regulations, technological advances, market sentiment, circulating supply of the DBMETA ecosystem, and environmental project development.

Therefore, it is impossible to predict the future DBMETA ecosystem’s price accurately.


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