Crypto Millionaires In Nigeria – Unveiling Nigeria’s Crypto Millionaires


Nigeria, like many other countries, has seen the rise of crypto millionaires who have benefited from the cryptocurrency boom. Cryptocurrencies have gained popularity in Nigeria due to various factors such as the potential for high returns, financial inclusivity, and the growing acceptance of digital currencies.

As the adoption of cryptocurrencies gained momentum in Nigeria, numerous individuals who had early investments in digital currencies have experienced significant wealth accumulation.

In this article, we will explore the prominent Nigerian crypto entrepreneurs, their estimated net worth, and the luxurious vehicles they possess. Continue reading to discover more about these individuals and their achievements in the crypto space.


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1. Gaius Chibueze AKA Bitcoin Chief

Net Worth = $12,000,000
Crypto Millionaires In Nigeria

At the forefront of the list is Gaius Chibueze, a Nigerian billionaire born on March 3, 1988, who has gained significant recognition in the world of cryptocurrencies. Hailing from the Igbo tribe, he has become an influential figure in the Nigerian crypto trading community, earning him the popular nickname “Bitcoin Chief.” In 2019, he achieved the remarkable feat of being ranked as the top cryptocurrency trader in Nigeria.


Beyond his trading activities, Gaius Chibueze has made notable contributions to the cryptocurrency landscape. He is the proud owner of his own digital currency called “Tatcoin,” which has garnered attention and holds value within the crypto market. Additionally, he has ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing Abinetwork, a cryptocurrency company that has garnered recognition and success in the industry.

Gaius Chibueze’s passion for cryptocurrencies extends beyond his business ventures. He has authored books on the subject, including “How Bitcoin Changed My Life” and “Get Rich Off The Net,” which offer insights and knowledge about the transformative potential of digital currencies.

Apart from his achievements in the crypto realm, Gaius Chibueze has also garnered attention for his extravagant lifestyle, as reflected in the impressive collection of cars he has been seen with. These luxury vehicles embody his success and serve as a symbol of his prosperity within the Nigerian business and crypto communities.

2. Ifeanyi Ezenwaogene

Net Worth = $10,000,000
Crypto Millionaires In Nigeria

Another prominent figure in the Nigerian crypto trading scene is Ifeanyi Ezenwaogene. Known for his expertise in the field, Ifeanyi has established himself as a popular crypto trader within the country. In addition to his trading activities, he has made significant contributions to the financial education space by founding Fortune Beach Academy. This platform offers comprehensive courses and resources aimed at helping individuals generate income through various business ventures.


Recognizing the potential of cryptocurrencies, Ifeanyi Ezenwaogene also founded a crypto platform that enables people to profit from crypto trading. This initiative provides users with valuable tools and insights to navigate the dynamic world of digital currencies and maximize their investment opportunities.

While specific details about Ifeanyi Ezenwaogene’s car collection remain relatively undisclosed, there is one notable vehicle that the billionaire treated himself to on February 14, 2023. This acquisition reflects his well-deserved success and serves as a testament to his accomplishments in the crypto and business realms.

3. Hanu Fejiro Agbodje

Net Worth = $9,000,000
Crypto Millionaires In Nigeria

Hanu Fejiro Agbodje, a young and talented Nigerian entrepreneur and web designer, has made significant strides in the crypto industry. At just 25 years old, he holds the esteemed position of CEO at Patricia Technology, a renowned crypto and gift card platform. Hanu’s academic background includes a degree in mathematics and statistics from Uniport, which has equipped him with a solid foundation for his ventures.

In 2017, Hanu Agbodje embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by launching his online crypto platform. Since then, his company has experienced remarkable growth, evolving into a multi-billion Naira enterprise that has processed billions of transactions. Hanu’s innovative approach and dedication to providing exceptional services have propelled Patricia Technology to become a leading player in the crypto market.

With his passion for technology and a keen understanding of the evolving needs of the digital landscape, Hanu Fejiro Agbodje continues to shape the Nigerian crypto industry, contributing to its advancement and paving the way for future success.

Among the fleet of vehicles owned by Linus Williams Ifejika are:

  • Tesla
  • 2021 Mercedes G-Wagon
  • Lexus ES 350

These cars reflect his taste for luxury and his status as a successful crypto trader in Nigeria.

4. Linus Williams Ifejika AKA BLord

Net Worth = $6,000,000
Crypto Millionaires In Nigeria

Linus Williams Ifejika is a prominent figure in the Nigerian crypto trading scene. This young billionaire has established himself as one of the country’s leading Bitcoin and crypto traders. Among his notable ventures is the ownership of a successful app called Jetpayng. With his expertise and strategic investments in the crypto market, Linus has achieved remarkable financial success, becoming a millionaire by the age of 20 and tying the knot at the age of 21.

In addition to his involvement in the Bitcoin and crypto industry, Linus Williams Ifejika has diversified his portfolio through various subsidiary businesses. One such business is the B-lord gadget store, which offers a wide range of electronic devices to tech enthusiasts. He also owns the B-lord luxury store, catering to individuals seeking high-end luxury items. Moreover, Linus has ventured into the automotive industry with B-lord automobiles, showcasing his entrepreneurial versatility and ambition.

As a key figure in the B-lord Group, Linus Williams Ifejika continues to expand his business empire and make significant contributions to the Nigerian business landscape. His entrepreneurial journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and demonstrates the potential for success in the crypto and business sectors.

Among the impressive collection of vehicles owned by Linus Williams Ifejika are:

  • Lexus ES350
  • Range Rover SUV
  • Mercedes-Benz GLE 350
  • 2020 Toyota Hilux

These cars exemplify his penchant for luxury and style, showcasing his success and affluence as a prominent crypto entrepreneur in Nigeria.

5. Tola Joseph Fadugbagbe

Net Worth = $12,000,000

Tola Joseph Fadugbagbe, a prominent figure in the Nigerian Crypto community, is not only a skilled Crypto trader and analyst but also the owner of This website serves as a valuable resource for educating individuals about cryptocurrency trading in Nigeria.

While specific details about his car collection remain undisclosed, it is worth noting that he is often seen driving a Mercedes GLK, a vehicle that exemplifies his success and appreciation for quality automobiles.

6. Onomor Eseoghene

Net Worth = $7,000,000

Onomor Eseoghene, the CEO and visionary behind Roqqu, Nigeria’s largest trading platform, has revolutionized the process of purchasing cryptocurrency for crypto beginners through the P2P method.

With a background in software development and an electrical electronics engineering degree from Uniport, Onomor has assembled a dedicated team that facilitates the seamless conversion of Steam tokens to Naira using Roqqu’s services.

Although specific information about Onomor’s personal car collection remains limited, his substantial net worth enables him to indulge in luxury vehicles. Given his financial success, he has the means to acquire high-end automobiles such as the

  1. 2019 Range Rover SUV
  2. the 2020 Mercedes-Benz AMG 63, and the
  3. 2018 Lamborghini Urus.

These cars reflect his stature and achievements within the cryptocurrency industry.

7. Chris Ani

Net Worth = $3,000,000

Chris Ani, a prominent figure in Nigeria’s crypto industry, has gained recognition as a successful crypto entrepreneur. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, and hailing from Enugu state, Chris embarked on a mission to promote agriculture among the youth through his film “Big Brain Of Agriculture” after completing his university education.

In 2017, Chris ventured into the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency by establishing his own trading platform called “Cryptohub.” Since then, he has become a prominent advocate for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in Nigeria. His journey began in 2016 when he purchased his first Bitcoin, and he subsequently founded the Digital Abundance Business Academy (DABA) to empower young individuals with the knowledge and skills to trade and profit from cryptocurrency.

8. Buchi Okoro

Net Worth = $2,000,000

Buchi Okoro, a well-known crypto trader in Nigeria, holds the position of CEO at Quidax, a renowned crypto company that was established in 2016. Founded by Buchi Okoro and Uzo Awili, Quidax aims to simplify the process of converting cryptocurrencies to Naira, addressing the challenges faced by crypto owners.

While Buchi Okoro prefers to maintain a private personal life, his considerable net worth enables him to afford luxury vehicles such as: 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser 2019 Range Rover SUV 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA

Who Is The Richest Crypto Millionaire?

Changpeng Zhao, commonly known as CZ is the richest crypto millionaire. He is also a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency industry. He is the co-founder and CEO of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Born in Jiangsu, China, CZ later moved to Canada and worked at various technology and finance companies before entering the crypto space.

CZ’s career in the crypto industry began in 2013 when he joined as the Head of Development. He later served as the CTO of OKCoin, a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, before founding Binance in 2017. Under CZ’s leadership, Binance quickly gained prominence and became one of the most popular and influential exchanges globally.

CZ is known for his entrepreneurial spirit, leadership in the crypto industry, and his active presence on social media platforms. He has been instrumental in expanding Binance’s services, launching new products, and fostering innovation within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. CZ’s vision and contributions have made him a prominent and influential figure in the crypto community.

Who Is The King Of BTC In Nigeria?

Gaius Chibueze is the king of BTC in Nigeria. Gaius Chibueze also known as “Bitcoin Chief,” is a Nigerian entrepreneur and prominent figure in the cryptocurrency industry. He gained recognition for his involvement in crypto trading and his contributions to the Nigerian crypto community. Born on March 3, 1988, Gaius Chibueze is considered one of the influential crypto traders in Nigeria.

Gaius Chibueze has made significant strides in the crypto space. He founded Abinetwork, a cryptocurrency company, and launched his own cryptocurrency called “Tatcoin.” Tatcoin aims to provide innovative solutions for payments and transactions within the crypto ecosystem.

In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures, Gaius Chibueze has authored books on cryptocurrency, including “How Bitcoin Changed My Life” and “Get Rich Off The Net.” These books serve as educational resources for individuals interested in understanding and investing in cryptocurrencies.

While Gaius Chibueze’s specific net worth is not publicly available, his success in the crypto industry has brought him significant wealth and recognition. His contributions to the Nigerian crypto space and his entrepreneurial endeavors have solidified his position as a notable figure in the industry.


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